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Multifocal Contacts In, Reading Glasses Out!

Woman does not need reading glasses to read and is happy

Multifocals are a type of contact lens that can give you back your freedom from reading glasses by giving you vision for both distance and up close at the same time! This is accomplished with concentric rings that alternate between your distance and reading prescriptions in your pupil. Your brain then differentiates between the two and does all the work for you! No more fumbling with reading glasses while you shop, drive, or have a night out. With the right prescription, you can stop thinking about your eyes and get back to living your life, glasses-free.

All of our doctors are expertly trained in multifocal fittings and can teach you to wear contacts if it is your first time. All of our contact lens exams include the glasses prescription as well, giving you control over how you'd like to customize your vision correction.

Call us or book online to get your multifocal contact lens fitting done ASAP!


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