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About Dr. Kiranjeet Sran: Myopia Management Specialist at Lumos Eyecare

Enhance Your Vision: Expert Myopia Control with Dr. Kiranjeet Sran at Lumos Eyecare

Dr. Kiranjeet Sran is our Myopia Management Specialist at the practice. She is certified to fit all types of orthokeratology lenses available on the market, and is part of a network of orthokeratology experts from around the country that help to ensure the best fit for any patient in this design of hard contact lenses. She is also certified to fit soft contact lenses for myopia control as well as prescribe eye drops to help slow the progression of myopia. 

We are open to referrals from our colleagues in the eye care and medical professions for patients needing specialized myopia management. Please feel free to reach out for details on how we can partner with you to elevate patient care! 

You can call us at 732-898-2398 or email us at to speak with our team today. You can also provide our information to any patient interested in visiting our practice for specialized care and we will be more than happy to provide this collaborative care.

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